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Thank You Queensland - You made the Difference...You Voted to Save Your Assets and Jobs 

February 15 2015 - ALP Wins Government axes Asset Sales

Election called for January 31 Newman lets' truth out of the bag a lease is a sale 

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Background information

In Queensland we have five Government Owned Companies (Public companies) in the electricity sector.

Two in Generation – CS and Stanwell, Two in Distribution – Ergon and Energex, One in Transmission – Powerlink

In the Northern Territory we have one Government Owned Corporation in the electricity sector, Power and Water Corporation (PWC)

A long term lease is Privatisation, once it is gone it's lost forever to the public

On October 7, 2014 the LNP State Government confirmed that it will Privatise 100% of our electricity assets if it wins the next election due no later than June 2015, this is a massive betrayal of trust. Remember back in April last year when Premier Newman said poles and wires assets would be safe? He lied, they are now all on the chopping block. CS Energy, Stanwell, Ergon, Energex, Powerlink, sections of Sunwater, Townsville to Mt Isa rail line and the ports of Townsville and Gladstone are all set for long term leases that will see them effectively sold off like South Australia did with its electricity networks back in the late 90's

The gloves are off we need to ramp up the campaign to stop the sale of state owned assets. How you can get involved: Register, get informed, get empowered, get active. This website has a range of resources for you to use, if we are to win this debate and ultimately save our assets we need your help. We have standard factsheets and information outlining the key reasons why public ownership is not only beneficial but essential. Go to www.not4sale/get

  • Cost and price
  • Public asset v Private profit
  • Community funding
  • Safety and reliability
  • Regional jobs and innovation

On this site you will find videos, factsheets and reports containing in-depth analysis of ownership models, historical information about electricity in Queensland, the breakdown of electricity costs and other relevant material. We have also set up facebook and twitter accounts for this campaign.

Get informed, empowered and active…join the campaign. So it’s over to you, use the resources, give your feedback and get involved in the conversation, we need to keep our public electricity assets because?


Stay Educated (check the facts section)... Get Involved (see events)... Get Empowered (send a letter to your MP and paper)

Are you a member of a community organisation?

If your group would like to know more about how electricity privatisation could affect them please contact Lara:, Ph 0437 357 998 or Post PO BOX 3556, South Brisbane 4101

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